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CCTV Operator


Job Profile

Qualification : SIRA Certified
Language : Good command over English, reading & writing

Monitoring: The primary responsibility of a SIRA certified CCTV operator is to monitor surveillance cameras and observe the live feed or recorded footage from various camera locations. They keep a vigilant eye on the screens to identify any suspicious activities, security breaches, or incidents.

Incident Response: When a SIRA certified CCTV operator detects any suspicious or unusual activity, they promptly inform the relevant authorities or security personnel. They follow established protocols for incident reporting and assist in coordinating the appropriate response to the situation.

Alarm Systems: CCTV operators are often responsible for monitoring alarm systems integrated with the CCTV system. They respond to alarms triggered by motion detection, access control breaches, or other security-related events. They verify the cause of the alarm and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Video Analysis: SIRA certified CCTV operators may be required to analyze recorded video footage to investigate incidents, identify individuals involved, or gather evidence. They may work closely with law enforcement agencies or security teams to provide them with relevant video footage as required.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting: CCTV operators are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the CCTV system. They perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning cameras, adjusting angles, and testing equipment. In case of technical issues or malfunctions, they troubleshoot and liaise with the appropriate personnel for repairs or replacements.

Documentation: SIRA certified CCTV operators maintain accurate records of incidents, observations, and actions taken during their shift. They prepare detailed incident reports, including timestamps, descriptions, and any relevant supporting information.

Compliance with Regulations: Dubai’s Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) sets specific regulations and guidelines for CCTV operations. SIRA certified CCTV operators ensure compliance with these regulations, including privacy laws, data protection, and ethical standards for video surveillance.